Community Response

Community Response

Together We Thrive describes how our community responded after the January 8, 2011 events.

In the face of profound tragedy, there is a human instinct to try to make things right. In Tucson this instinct runs deep. While no response can bring back loved ones lost that day or completely restore the health of those injured, hope and positive changes emerged from this tragedy.

Inspired directly by the events that occurred on January 8th 2011, many individual and community efforts are building a better future for Tucson and other communities throughout Arizona.  The following is a partial listing of those efforts that have brought Tucson closer together in the wake of the tragedy and served to create numerous positive benefits in our community.

ARS-logo Americans for Responsible Solutions. On the second anniversary of the horrific Tucson shooting, as America mourned the dead in Newtown, Gabby and her husband, retired Navy Captain and astronaut Mark Kelly, launched Americans for Responsible Solutions to encourage elected officials to stand up for solutions to prevent gun violence and protect responsible gun ownership.



BeyondTucsonBEYOND: Commemorate, Celebrate, Commit is an annual community-wide outdoor event, initiated by the Zimmerman’s, to commemorate the anniversary of the shooting that took the life of their son.  The event is dedicated to improving the health and well being of the Tucson community by encouraging physical activity and social cohesiveness through a series of outdoor activities throughout Pima County.


Billy-Graham-Evangelistic-Association-BGEABilly Graham Evangelistic Association. Jim and Doris Tucker became volunteer Chaplains for the Rapid Response Team to provide for emotional and spiritual care following disasters. Chaplains are carefully selected and prepared to demonstrate the compassion of Jesus Christ, and appropriately share God’s hope through the One who “heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds” Psalm 147:3.




C-T-G-MemThe Christina-Taylor Green Memorial Foundation honors the life and memory of Christina-Taylor Green through charitable and educational projects that reflect and embody her interests, values, and dreams, and, in so doing, to make the community as good as Christina-Taylor imagined it.





fcru-logoFund for Civility, Respect and Understanding, created by Ron Barber while he was recovering in the ICU, promotes civility, respect, and understanding to improve the safety and well being of the Southern Arizona community. The Fund focuses on anti-bullying efforts for all ages and reducing the stigma that surrounds mental illness. It also promotes a civility commitment and conducts civility teachings in the religious community.




grin-logoGRIN (Grandparents In Residence) is an inter-generational mentoring program started by Suzi Hileman to support interactions between those who are retired and those who have need for support. GRIN’s projects include Colleges in Classrooms and the Pilates Youth Program. GRIN also sponsors of the annual Stroll and Roll at Christina-Taylor Green Memorial Linear Park every January, as part of BEYOND!




MHFA-LogoMental Health First Aid Training, a statewide public education program, trains people identify the signs and symptoms of mental illness and to provide help until appropriate professional, peer or family support can be engaged. Participants learn about risk factors and warning signs of specific illnesses such as anxiety, depression, psychosis and addiction.